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  • The Digital Medium

LED PanelsMy art merges digital technology with wet media in a harmony of radically opposite tool sets. I paint with natural transparent dyes on 200 lb. cold press watercolor paper, and I also build textures in vector illustration software or capture patterns in nature with close up photography. After scanning the results at high resolution, I apply it in any number of ways in the digital file.

This layered digital file is where all scans, photo captures, vector art, or rendered 3D imagery is collected and orchestrated. I use 3D sculpting and painting software, with the advantage of a virtual sculpting studio that is free from traditional gravity and weight. This opens a dimension in the art that delights me. I can surface objects - and space - with anything I choose.

The technology link between the outside world and the digital world is where my art pivots. Half the drive behind this exploration is finding new ways to integrate the two worlds. Ultimately, the work becomes a free form collage of image sources blended into imaginative art landscapes.

LED backlit art by Phillip TimperThe original art piece is presented as a fully lit LED Panel. This presentation features the art as a C-Print (Kodak Duratrans), which is then fully enclosed and framed over a 5000 Kelvin, natural light LED light source (made in USA) that provides even light edge to edge, is highly energy efficient, and can be user-adjusted for brightness. The presentation is breathtaking. Installation is easy and flexible.

Printed Editions are high resolution images presented on archival paper and mounted on acid free hard board. Multi-coat Spray UV protective coating is applied for long lasting stability.

Please contact the artist for more information.